Built Ins

From bookcases to reading nooks, we can optimize your space to fit your needs.


Custom Trim

Instantly change the first impression of a room with our custom trim and finishes.


Staircases and Railings

We bring design and character to every step in your home with our custom staircases and railings.



Take advantage of every corner by creating custom closets that fit your needs.


New Additions

We build from the ground up with custom additions to your home.


Custom Projects

We are skilled craftsmen who can create just about anything from wood. Challenge us with your next custom project.


Optimize Your Space

Whether you’re a shoe addict, have an extra-long inseam or an unusually large collection of outerwear, a custom closet will be designed for your specific wardrobe needs. Rails of exactly the right height, shelves of the right depth, and enough storage for all your favorite items.

At Lockwood Craftsmen, we optimize the space for your needs and your style.

Your Home is Our Priority

The needs of homeowners vary greatly from individual to individual. Sometimes it is an emergency situation where water or fire damage calls for immediate repair. Other times it is the thoughtful process of upgrading a room or even adding an addition to your home. Each of these calls for a different method or approach.

At Lockwood Craftsmen, we focus on the total project including how our people interact with your family. We believe that our ethics are as important to our clients as our ability to create a fine finished product.

With Lockwood Craftsmen, you not only get skilled craftsmen but you also get fine people. We believe that our speech and manner of work should reflect our skills as a craftsman.

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Getting Started

Contact is today to get started on your next project. We are here to bring your vision to life.