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Lockwood Craftsmen is a residential carpentry and light remodeling service in Middle Tennessee. We do medium-sized projects that often fall between the scopes of a handyman, and a larger general contractor.

  • Staircases

  • Closets

  • Built Ins

  • Custom Trim

  • New Additions

  • Water or Fire Damage Repair

  • Custom accent walls

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Dedicated to you

The relationship between homeowner and craftsmen (builder) should be a partnership.  At Lockwood Craftsmen, we work hard to develop and maintain the partnership that is required to complete every project to the homeowner's expectations.

We understand that each project no matter how large or small is the greatest endeavor for every homeowner. Nothing they dream or envision for their home will be taken for granted at Lockwood Craftsman.  Whether that is the addition of a simple sink to a bathroom or a complete home build, each and every job Lockwood Craftsmen does is handled to the best of our ability.

Lockwood Craftsment